Will Tesla’s new car talk to passers-by?

Tesla, Photo: AP

Since they exist, cars cannot communicate directly with pedestrians and passers-by, except for the possibility of using a siren at a time when the driver is blocked by someone on the street.

But that, too, may change, if what Tesla’s innovator Ilon Mask writes on his Twitter account is to be believed.

“If you want, Tesla’s cars will soon be able to communicate with people,” Musk wrote, publishing a video of the Model 3, which “addresses” passers-by through speakers.

“Don’t just reach for the rock and watch. Get in, ”says the car, announcing that Tesla’s vehicles could be used as independent taxis in the future.

Hina reports that the company is known for upgrading software that provides additional functionality to Tesla’s cars.

But it is not yet known which Tesla models are already equipped with external speakers necessary for the realization of such a function.