Where one path ends, the other begins – Volkswagen has said goodbye to the popular Buba

Volkswagen said goodbye to its cult model – the popular Beetle – with a touching video.

The beetle stopped being produced in 2019, and the year that has just begun is the first in the last 70 years in which no model of this car will come off the track.

In the animated video, the long-time owner of the original Buba returns to the past to relive the memories of his car.

Eventually, the old man gets out of the vehicle at the sign that says “Last Mile.”

The car catches fire and goes down the street greeted by a crowd.

At the end of the road, the Beetle passes its owner for the last time, after which it turns into a butterfly that disappears in the distance.

Then the outline of Volkswagen’s new ID electric car appears.

This sent a clear message “where one way ends, the other begins”.


1 / 9 Foto: Youtube/screenshot