What we should not search on Google


Most of us are used to google the answers to a variety of questions – from prescriptions to medical advice and online banking. Gadgets Now reveals that we should never search Google for just those pages.

A lot of people forget that Google is just an online platform where we find sites that offer the information we came across. Google does not have its own content, so what we are looking for does not necessarily give the correct answer or information.

There are a lot of fake online banking sites on Google. The advice is not to search through Google, or Google, the website of your bank for online banking, if you do not know their exact address.

Always enter the official URL of the portal to access the page and stay safe, and the reason for this is the possibility of stealing passwords and private data on a page that looks just like your bank’s page.

Also, one of the most popular online scams is publishing fake company pages, but also customer service contact numbers.

Google is definitely not the right place to look for the right medications either. Gadgets advises us to consult a real doctor anyway and not to rely on information from Google about potential diseases.

Also, it is very dangerous to buy medicines based on the information you found on the Internet, because a Google search would say that each of us suffers from a disease, bearing in mind that even the most harmless symptoms / problems are often presented as dangerous, and we forget the fact that they usually go together with other symptoms, but also that sometimes it is not quite certain.