What does Mask need for the first city on Mars: 20 years and 1,000 spaceships

Mask, Foto: Reuters, Reuters

The director of the space technology company Space Ex, Elon Musk, announced that it would take him 20 years and 1,000 spaceships to make a city on Mars, which is his long-term vision, reports Tanjug.

Responding to fans on Twitter, Musk stated that Space X, according to his estimates, will have to build about 1,000 spaceships that will transport cargo, infrastructure and crew to Mars in 20 years, given that the planetary alignment allows a flight to Mars only once. in two years.

Musk recently said at a U.S. Air Force Day celebration in California that his launch costs were only about two million dollars per spacecraft flight, and that the ultimate goal was to set up a “self-sustaining city on Mars.”

He also referred to the short-term potentials for spaceships, which will be designed for reuse, and ideally will be able to fly up to three times a day, Poslovni.hr reports.

That amounts to more than 1,000 flights a year on the spaceship, so it will be able to launch more than 10 million tons of equipment and supplies into orbit a year.

Today’s spacecraft capacities and a hundred Falcon rockets mean about 500 tons a year, which means there is still a lot of work to be done.

Of course, in order to set up a permanent, sustainable city on Mars, you must first get there with a crew.

In between there is another step in between, and that is the landing of astronauts on the Moon.

NASA has set 2024 as its goal, and Space Ex hopes to land the ship there as early as 2022 to help prepare for NATO’s landing.