Volkswagen postpones promotion of ID 4

Volkswagen electric model ID 4, Photo: Twitter

Volkswagen’s electric model ID 4 will not be presented at the New York Auto Show.

“Autocar” writes that the premiere has been moved to the Detroit Motor Show, which is planned for June.

However, it is stated that it is not excluded that ID 4 will be presented at one of the fairs that will be held at the end of the year.

The new electric ID model, which ranks between the crossover and the SUV, was conceived as an important member of the brand and an extension of the story that began with the launch of the electric hatchback ID 3 last year.

Two versions of the car are planned – a standard model and another more similar to an SUV coupe, which would bear the names ID 4 and ID 5.

The new Volkswagen ID 4 and ID 5 models will be made in Europe, the USA and China.

ID 4 is expected to have an autonomy of approximately 500 kilometers, as well as power to be distributed in a 48:52 ratio. Maximum speed should be limited to 180 kilometers per hour.

“Autocar” writes that the previous model ID 3 still can not be ordered in the US, because Volkswagen believes that the demand for it would be too low.