Volkswagen is preparing 34 new models for 2020

Illustration, Photo: Beta / aP

Volkswagen has saved 34 novelties for 2020.

Of these, six vehicles will be electric only, reports Auto Bild.

The electric ID.3 will be introduced first, followed immediately by the promotion of the electric SUV, whose working name is ID.Crozz, and is expected to be marked ID.4,

Numerous customers, as Auto Bild writes, want to see with special anticipation what the new Golf GTE will look like.

VW has announced 34 novelties that will be presented during the next year, but it has not yet come out with a list of all models. It is known that out of that number, 12 vehicles will belong to the SUV segment, a class that has brought significant profits to the “wagon” in the past few years.

Volkswagen made record operating profits during 2019, despite a slight decline in new vehicle sales in the year to come.

The reason for this is that the new car market has generally shrunk in the past 365 days, but the share of Volkswagen vehicles has increased, primarily due to demand and good sales of SUV models, reminds Auto Bild.