“Vijesti” team with police officers on the ground: They mostly warn, they rarely see water from the prosecutor

Police say fewer people have been on the streets since curfew, since the new measures went into effect

Djurovic controls the driver, Photo: Savo Prelevic

Put on masks, guys keep your distance, leave the park, get away…

These are the most common warnings that the citizens of Podgorica could hear from the police on March 11, when the new measures of the Ministry of Health in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, which is entering its second year in Montenegro, came into force.

The “Vijesti” team spent time with the police team during the day, which consisted of Miomir Vojinović and Milenko Radulović, as well as after the curfew at 9 pm, when movement was prohibited, when the tandem of Željko Jokić and Zdravko Đurović monitored the situation.

1 / 9 Photo: Savo Prelević

Police officers from both patrols agreed that on the first day there were far fewer citizens on the streets of Podgorica, and this was especially noticeable after the start of curfew at 9 pm, when rare cars and pedestrians could be seen on the streets.

Pedestrians mostly walked pets, or returned from work.

“The measure for the introduction of additional papers for employees is good, it can be seen that it gives results immediately. “Many have certificates of movement,” says Djurovic.

The assistant commander of the Police Station for Public Order and Peace in Podgorica, Darko Milonjić, states that they took several certificates to move to the inspection, but that there are no results of the inspection yet.

“It simply came to our notice then. If it were not, they would immediately inform the basic state prosecutor, the person would be prosecuted for failing to act on measures to protect the population from dangerous infectious diseases and for forgery in the field of document forgery, “said Milonjic, who manages the station with Commander Ratko Rondovic.

According to the new measures, from March 11, for intercity traffic and stay on the street after 9 pm, in addition to the confirmation of movement from the employer, an employment contract is also required…

During the day, Vojinović and Radulović warned several fellow citizens on the trim track in Tološi to leave the park.

“Is it possible to enter the trim track,” asked a fellow citizen trained for recreation.

Police officers explained that it was forbidden to stay in the parks.

It was similar behind the “Palade”, where a large number of citizens gathered.

“Put on the mask, keep your distance and get away from the park,” Vojinovic said over the loudspeaker, after which the citizens slowly dispersed.

The kids who played basketball reacted the fastest to the warning on the training ground behind the “G” building. After hearing Vojinović’s voice from the car, the boys ran away from the training ground…

Young men who exercised nearby, in an outdoor gym, were also warned.
It is noticeable that all citizens have a mask, but many put them on their faces only after a police warning.

The data presented by Milonjić also show that the police have a lot of work to do in the field – from Friday, March 5, to Monday, March 8, 8,164 people were warned in Podgorica for non-compliance with the measures, as well as 995 businessmen.

“According to the measures of the Ministry of Health, the officials are continuously visiting the field, public areas, recreational and others. It is checked whether the measures are respected, whether protective masks are worn. Teams have been formed before, in cooperation with the republic inspections, schools, kindergartens, all public areas are being visited. We mainly act preventively, in some situations repressively. Sometimes some citizens forget to respect the measures, thus violating the distance or someone incorrectly wears a protective mask. Police officers approach, warn, explain how to respect the measures “, states Milonjić.

1 / 11 Photo: Boris Pejović

Most citizens, he says, accept the warning and it has not yet happened that someone refuses it in public areas.

“There is a report, official documentation, how many people and which patrol warned, everything is kept and an analysis is made on a weekly basis. Personal data are taken, but mostly when there are more serious violations of measures, when persons are prosecuted, they are therefore called to the station in order to inform the prosecutor and act according to the Criminal Code “, adds Milonjić.

He pointed out that 229 people were returned from the points for the control of intercity traffic in the mentioned period, because they did not have the appropriate documentation.

“The second team, mixed mobile patrols are made up of police officers and state, market, labor, education and tourism inspections. They warned 1,324 people, also 894 businessmen, as well as 465 people in self-isolation. All persons in self-isolation were caught, except for one. He was sanctioned for the criminal act – failure to act according to the measures of protection of the population from a dangerous infectious disease “, said Milonjić.

He points out that the vast majority of citizens adhere to the measure not to go out after 9 pm, that the streets are almost deserted and that only delivery cars, taxis and other vehicles whose employees are working at the time can be seen.

The “Vijesti” team was convinced that this was the case.

Jokic and Djurovic received the necessary documentation from all controlled drivers.

When it comes to taking pets, Milonjić states, they did not record any violation of measures, ie exceeding the allowed time of 60 minutes.

“If a person with a pet is found, it is recorded, the time is recorded, and if another patrol sees him on the street later, it can be checked how far he is outside.”

It is much calmer now, says Milonjić, at night.

“Violations of public order and peace are much less. There are much fewer physical confrontations and quarrels than in the previous period, when we did not have current measures. Much less alcohol is consumed, there is less traffic, all forms of violence are almost reduced. Since the measures began, we are on the first strike. We were all engaged, we had colleagues who got infected. Symptoms were detected in time, they were prescribed self-isolation, they adhered to it. We worked in shifts, we changed, the work did not suffer, people recovered “, says Milonjić.

He points out that the prosecutor qualifies the act, after the police officer from the field informs him about the facts.

He explains that they receive instructions from the prosecutor when they find someone violating the measures.

Criminal charges for a party and a wedding

Milonjić states that last weekend they found people who left their place of residence after 9 pm, and they also discovered a party in a rented apartment.

“33 people have been prosecuted… We have a very high quality cooperation with citizens, mostly it is about applications to the number 122… Most often they report noise, and then we go to the address. It is determined who is all in the apartment… After that, we see from the database whether these people live at that address, if not – we inform the prosecutor. Usually, if the measure is violated, the person is brought to collect information from the citizen. After that, there is a regular procedure. “

He explained that five people were found at the party.

“Practice has shown that parties are mostly with four, five and six people. We had one wedding, 22 people were brought to the official premises, a notice was collected from all of them, with which the prosecutor in Podgorica was informed, and it was ordered that criminal charges be filed against all of them in a regular procedure the next day. “

He states that the penalties are different and that they had one multiple returnee in violation of the measures.

“He was ordered into custody, and for the third time in a short period we found him violating the measure of leaving the place of residence. The focus of attention in the coming period will be apartments for rent. We have the smallest problem when it comes to catering facilities – everyone respects the measures “.