This is a special, limited edition Volkswagen sedan

Volkswagen Arteon, Photo: Twitter

Volkswagen has introduced a special, limited edition Arteon sedan model, which bears the working name R-Line.

Intended for a narrow circle of customers, since only 250 customers will be able to purchase this vehicle with rich equipment, but also stronger engine performance, writes Auto Bild.

The base versions feature TSI and TDI engines of 140 kWh and 190 hp, the most powerful diesel has 240 horsepower, and the most powerful is the 2.0 TSI with a petrol engine, 272 horsepower and all-wheel drive.

All are equipped with a seven-speed DSG automatic transmission, and the ESC system and DCC (adaptive chassis control) have been adapted.

The models presented come in “moonstone” gray with 20-inch wheels, the rear windows are elegantly tinted, and the roof comes in black.

The interior of the cabin, writes Auto Bild, is covered with leather, the seats have heating, and in addition to infotainment, there are numerous driving assistance systems (camera when parking, holding in the lane, automatic braking and character recognition…)

The first tour of the vehicle for delivery to the owners is planned to start in February, and the price will be around 56,000 euros.