The first restoration of Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus has begun

Gilded sarcophagus, Photo: AP

Egypt has started the first restoration of the gilded sarcophagus of the famous young pharaoh Tutankhamun, before the opening of the new museum next year, the Minister of Antiquities announced today.

Khaled el-Anani told reporters that work on the oldest coffin, which is made of wood and gilded, should be completed in eight months.

He said that due to the “very fragile condition in which he was, it has not been restored” since 1922, when British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered a 3,000-year-old tomb and all the treasures inside.

The coffin was in the tomb until July, when it was moved to a new museum, which was built near the famous pyramids at Giza.

Tutankhamun came to power at the age of nine and ruled until his death at the age of 18 or 19.