The first photographs of the Earth from the Indian mission to the moon

Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock

The Indian Space Agency (ISRO) has published the first photos of the Earth taken by a rocket moving towards the moon.

The 44-meter-long rocket was launched on July 22, and it should land on the surface of the Moon on September 7 at the earliest.

The photos were taken when the Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft was about 5,000 kilometers away from Earth, RTS reports.

“The images are crystal clear. I am extremely pleased with the development of the mission so far, “said K. Sivan, one of the leaders of the Indian Space Agency (ISRO).

“Chandrajan 2” was launched from the second attempt and when it touches the Moon’s ground, the small rover “Pragyan” (Pragyan), which is powered by solar energy, will go on a tour.

During the 14 days that are predicted to “survive” on the Moon, “Pragjan” should cross 500 meters, take photos and collect other data about the Lunar Surface and send everything to the center on Earth.