SD: The first 100 days of the Government’s work were marked by politicking and revanchism

The party said that the new government’s lack of credibility had led to citizens constantly catching them in untruths.

Illustration, Photo: Social Democrats

The first 100 days of work of the Government and the parliamentary majority were marked by politicking, revenge and nonsense in their actions, the Social Democrats (SD) assessed.

“The new, expert government, but also the diverse parliamentary majority, showed in an unexpectedly short time a huge incompetence and malice in running the country. The number of patients and deaths from coronavirus is a record, Montenegro Airlines has been shut down, further shutdowns of companies are announced, and the Faculty of Montenegrin Language and Literature is planned to be shut down “, stated the SD.

As they said, they appointed a “party person” at the head of the National Security Agency (ANB), and the founder of IN4S at the head of the University of Montenegro. “

“Almost without exception, they appointed party figures to head the health centers, party or cadres of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) on the boards of directors, secretly borrowed 750 million euros and finance unproductive spending, tried to change prosecutorial laws to increase political influence. in the prosecutor’s office, so they made a scandal in the relations with the European Union “, they pointed out from the SD.

From that party, they said that the new government’s lack of credibility led to the fact that the citizens constantly caught them in untruths.

“The lack of basic knowledge about communication has led them to behave completely ignorantly with the media, organize the press unprepared, and publish capital information on Twitter,” the SD said.

This, as they stated, is only a small but important part of the 100 days of work of the Government and the parliamentary majority.

“And we believe that few, no matter how hard they try, could find a serious step forward. This Government spoke mostly about itself, so we believe, unfortunately, it will be the same for the next 100 days, if it survives that much at all “, concluded the SD.