Radunović: We will certify airports because we want their accelerated development

Former Minister of Transport Osman Nurković requested the dismissal of the management, headed by the Executive Director Danilo Orlandić, in the first quarter of 2019, due to a large number of irregularities and fines imposed on them by inspectors of the Civil Aviation Agency.

Radunović, Photo: Zoran Radunović

The Board of Directors of the Airport of Montenegro (ACG) was dismissed on Thursday due to several years of delay and non-implementation of certification of Montenegrin airports, poor financial and personnel management, accumulated litigation with workers with unpredictable outcome, overpriced and unexplored arrangements with some law firms. Danilo Orlandić with senior state officials in the former and current ministry and the Civil Aviation Agency, was confirmed to “Vijesti” from several sources.

State Secretary for Transport in the Ministry of Capital Investments (MKI), Zoran Radunović, told Vijesti “that the new executive director of the Airport of Montenegro will be elected after an international competition, which means that foreign experts will also be able to apply.”

Radunović pointed out that the priority in the work of the new representatives of the state capital in this company will be the certification of the operators of the two airports, restructuring and peer harmonization of the company with the required domestic and international standards.

“We want a market match at all levels of executive management, because we are looking for a new quality. The current situation in the Airports of Montenegro, according to the reports submitted by the company and the Civil Aviation Agency, is absolutely unsatisfactory. We need structural renewal, with special reference to a complete change in personnel policy. I believe that for the accelerated development of the company, but also a radical break with the current practice, it might be ‘curative’ for the new executive director of ACG to be a foreigner, at least for one term. It is necessary to prepare a dynamic strategy for the development of this important infrastructure system “, said Radunović.

On Thursday, the government replaced the current ACG Board of Directors, headed by Dragoljub Bulatovic, and appointed a new Board to be chaired by Nebojsa Djokovic. After the competitions, there will be changes in the executive management of the company.

In 2019, Nurković demanded shifts at the aerodromes due to endangering human lives

According to Vijesti, former Minister of Transport Osman Nurković * requested the dismissal of the management headed by Danilo Orlandić in the first quarter of 2019, and the reason for that was irregularities and a large number of fines imposed on them by inspectors of the Civil Aviation Agency. .

“We received information from the Agency that a large number of fines were continuously imposed, which were a warning that the executive director and his associates do not act on the orders of inspectors and do not eliminate irregularities, which seriously jeopardizes safety and security at airports, especially at Tivat Airport “, it is pointed out, among other things, in the address of former Minister Osman Nurković, dated February 22, 2019, addressed to Dragoljub Bulatović, who, in addition to being the president of the airport’s board of directors, was also the former prime minister’s chief of staff.

In his address, Nurkovic added to Bulatovic, who was the president of the ACG board until Thursday, that they had carefully read the Information on the procedure for issuing certificates to Podgorica and Tivat airport operators, which was previously submitted to former Prime Minister Dusko Markovic. underestimating warnings of serious deficiencies and security challenges “, which are warned by the Agency’s inspectors.

“Given that the management in the form of the executive director and his associates, does not react in any way to warnings, penalties imposed on them by inspectors, and most importantly, that they are not aware of the dangers to human lives caused by their inaction or ignorance “We see the only solution in their dismissal as soon as possible,” Nurkovic pointed out in a letter to Bulatovic at the time.

The director of the Agency, Dragan Đurović, also warned Orlandić

Certification of the Airport of Montenegro is a priority obligation for every operator in the world, and in our conditions it is prescribed by the provisions of the Law on Air Traffic.

The latest information from the Civil Aviation Agency, headed by Director * Dragan Djurovic *, after 13 inspections, shows that there are a total of 111 non-compliances in relation to regulatory requirements at Podgorica Airport that have not been eliminated, while at Tivat Airport there are as many as 164 non-compliances.

Inspections regarding the certification procedure of the Airport began on October 16, 2017, and the Civil Aviation Agency sent them as many as 26 reports with identified non-compliances for each of the inspection areas by the middle of 2019.

“Having in mind both airports, out of a total of 275 identified non-compliances, no corrective action plans for 240 non-compliances were submitted. “Obviously, this is an extremely high degree of non-fulfillment of obligations in the certification procedure,” Djurovic warned in May 2019, the director of ACG Orlandic. After almost a year, the degree of non-compliance is 190, and a special requirement is the application of new standards by the ECAA.

International airports in Montenegro are not certified and this is an exception in the region and this part of Europe.