“Plantations” plundered, they owe over 45 million euros, the directors shared millions with themselves

Minister Stijović stated that “Plantaže” must be preserved as the most important national brand, but that they insist that in parallel with the process of rescuing the company and support, they must make serious cuts to such practices that continue, and led to the destruction of the company.

From the giant to the loser: Director Verica Maras, from the earlier celebration of the jubilee

The company “Plantaže” owes 45 million euros and is facing bankruptcy, and the reason for this situation is the irrational business of recent years as well as spending huge amounts of money on disputed fees and other privileges that the management granted only to itself.

These are, among other things, the conclusions of an external expert who was stepped on at the suggestion of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Agriculture Aleksandar Stijović, in order to establish the real situation in “Plantaže” and models according to which this state company could be saved from the situation by destruction in the previous period ”.

On three workers 14 bosses

It was revealed that the company annually paid six million euros in cash through the cash register for various fees, “limits” and other disputed payments, that every third employee in the company was marked as a manager with huge salaries, that there were sectors in which “works “14 bosses and only three workers, that some managers spent two thirds of their working time on business trips abroad with huge payments for per diems, that they received the same benefits several times on the same basis,”

“After a month of analysis of the situation and operations in ‘Plantations’ and a detailed analysis of the documentation collected so far, data were obtained that clearly indicate that the plantations were brought almost to bankruptcy,” the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management said.

Rescue the company, with the cessation of previous practice

Minister Stijović stated that “Plantaže” must be preserved as the most important national brand, but that they insist that in parallel with the process of rescuing the company and support, they must make serious cuts to such practices that continue, and led to the destruction of the company. .

Stijović stated that intensive negotiations are being held on models of assistance to “Plantaže” and that intensive talks are underway with creditors, but that he does not want to “pour into a bottomless bag”, but to look for a sustainable model that will recover the company in the long run. it also implies the restructuring of the company.

The analysis showed, as stated, the real situation and the level of looting of “Plantaža” in a longer period of time, due to which the company’s debts on February 28 to suppliers, banks and workers are 45,652,472 euros.

This amount does not include the amounts of sponsorships and donations, consulting contracts and legally disputed payments to the board of directors and management, as well as the costs of writing off housing loans to employees upon retirement, which amount to 1,362,943 euros.

The bosses are paid from 1,500 to 10,000, and then several thousand more through the cash register

The average net salary in the company in 2018 was 720.38 euros, and in 2019 it was 782.10 euros, while at the same time the management and members of the board of directors received salaries on several bases in the amount of 1,500 euros to 10,000 euros .

“Apart from the basic salary, the company has a ‘corporate governance fee’ which is not known in the positive regulations, and which exceeds all amounts of basic salary and for which there is no defined method of calculation. In addition, past work is calculated as part of the basic salary, while the compensation for past work is paid separately, without a defined procedure. In addition to this, payments are made on the basis of so-called ‘limits’ for which there is also no procedure and their amount also exceeds many times the basic salary, and vacations are paid separately. All these amounts are paid in cash through the cash register. To illustrate, in 2019, cash in the amount of EUR 5,982,099 was paid through the cash register, which was the average in previous years as well, ”the analysis states, among other things.

Every third employee is a director or a boss

The company currently has 587 full-time employees, one third of whom belong to the management staff, and in addition to this number, it employs about 80 seasonal workers.

“It can be clearly seen from the act on systematization that this is an excessive number of employees, where, for example, the chief warehouseman, the assistant storekeeper and the assistant assistant storekeeper are defined, and we have such a situation in several work units. We also have cases where, for example, the viticulture and fruit production unit has a joint function sector where there are 14 directors / bosses and three workers and similar examples. As a result of this kind of employment, we have costs for the salaries of the employees in Plantaže of around 15 million euros per year. It is illogical that in a company in which the primary agricultural production has a third of employees, there are directors and management staff, especially taking into account the right granted to them to official vehicles, of which there are 70, as well as to drivers “, stated the Ministry.

Directors more often on trips than at work

Based on the data shown in the travel order cards, it was found that about 20 employees, members of the Board of Directors, directors and directors of the sector, were more than two thirds of working days a year on business trips abroad or that per diems for business trips were paid multiple times. larger amounts than prescribed.

Thus, as stated, Milan Milutinović was paid the amount of 108,997 euros for business trips from 2010 to 2020, Verica Maraš the amount of 93,397 euros, Veselin Đurišić 83,070 euros,…

The President of the Board of Directors, Veselin Vukotić, was paid a total of 79,500 euros, and in the period from 2016 to 2019, the same amount was paid for travel of 8,500 euros each.

Millions to lawyers for lost disputes

One of the most significant costs of the company, as stated in the analysis, were the amounts paid in the name of consulting services, on the basis of which 1,121,051.12 euros were paid in the last 10 years.

“This amount was paid mainly to law firms for representation in disputes that were all lost, which cost” Planaža “an additional 1,947,056.22 euros for court costs,” the Ministry said.

Non-repayable housing loans

Housing loans were mostly non-refundable, ie by the Decision on granting loans to address housing needs, and they were received by almost the entire management staff in the amount of 30,000 to 299,000 euros.

“The maximum loan amount was granted to Verica Maraš on May 12, 2010, which was previously granted on August 12, 2008. The loan was granted in an unknown amount, and on the basis of which the first part in the amount of EUR 30,000 was paid on October 20, 2009, ”the Ministry states.

Sponsorships for festivals that did not exist

For various sponsorships in the period from 2009 to 2021, the amount of two and a half million euros was paid, of which several payments are legally disputable.

One of the disputed sponsorships is a donation that is awarded each year in various amounts, from 2,500 to 10,000 euros, to the non-governmental organization “Sibila”, which was paid a total of 38,000 euros. A search of the website of the mentioned NGO determined that it was established for the purpose of organizing the festival, but that it never had any activities, so the funds were allocated for holding the festival every year, none of which was held, “the Ministry said.

As announced, Minister Stijović will announce the details and conclusions of the analysis, a detailed cross-section of the company’s condition and a proposal for a solution for the attempt to save “Plantaža” at a press conference next week.