Part of Svetozar Marovic’s grandfather’s land sold for 12,000 euros

In other news, Marovic’s lawyers demanded Pavlicic’s exemption, which was rejected, after which it was scheduled for March 11.

Land on Jaz, Photo: Vuk Lajović

A part of the grandfather of the fugitive head of the Budva criminal and former high-ranking official of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Svetozar Marovic, was sold for 12,000 euros at a hearing held yesterday with public executor Snezana Pavlicic in Podgorica.

It is a property in Krimovica, locality Dubraljevina, which was offered at a starting price of 11,966 euros.

There, Marovic was registered as the owner of the eighth – meadow of 1,311 square meters, cottages of 51 square meters, pastures of 249, 182 and 250 square meters, forests of 3,115 square meters, three cottages of 68, 89 and 107 square meters and forests of 250 square meters.

A second hearing is scheduled for the sale of the remains of the property.

It will contain 1,013 square meters of land on Jaz, on which Marović is registered as a co-user of the part for 73,819.20 euros.

Another plot of 589 square meters is for sale for 40,994 euros, and Marović owns half of it.

There are also three plots on the drum, a forest in Krimovica for 15,852 euros, on which Marović has a quarter of the ownership.

In February 2019, the municipality of Budva took over a hectare of land in the hinterland of Jaz beach, owned by Miloš Marović, for 225,000 euros, which compensated part of the fine of his father Svetozar.

Milos, who has been a free man since September 17 and a warrant has been drawn for him, after his sentence expired in Montenegro, guaranteed the country that his father would pay the court sentence.

Milos Marovic was arrested in December 2015 and released from prison in May next year, after he pleaded guilty and concluded an agreement, which was verified by the High Court.

After that, he went to Belgrade, where he is now.