Open chargers can transmit the virus to you in ten seconds

Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock

If you charge the battery of your device on any open charger in a restaurant, airport or hotel, you risk allowing access to viruses in 10 seconds. This is because hacking devices are cheap and available on the market for about 20 dollars.

The European Union’s Network and Data Security Agency has declared October the month of cyber security. The goal is to raise awareness of the threats lurking from the internet and the need for ongoing education.

How to protect yourself on the Internet at home and when traveling, and how artificial intelligence affects society, are just some of the topics of one of the largest conferences on IT security – Next.

“Try to avoid connecting unknown USB cables to your laptop or people asking you to charge your phone via your laptop. This is done to avoid someone plugging a modified USB cable through which they can spy or control your devices, “said Dan Demeter, a cyber security expert,” Kaspersky “.

To prevent this, it is enough to install the so-called. “USB condom” protection that costs less than 10 euros. Passengers should not leave their devices unattended, they should use a wire-connected mouse and keyboard and keep their so-called cards. “RFID protection”, because they are so sure that no one can read the key card from the room, or another with personal data.

Data security is increasingly compromised in your own home as well. In the first half of this year, there were 105 million hacker attacks on the Internet of Things – devices that are connected in our homes to the Internet.

“It is necessary to check what kind of internet router you have, whether it is correct and updated, because it is not easy to install a security system on it,” said Marko Price, a researcher in the field of cyber security.