Objection to Lješković’s work

Co-owner of the bankrupt company “Mall group” Goran Rasovic dissatisfied with the work of the bankruptcy trustee

Lješković, Photo: Facebook

The co-owner of the company “Mall group”, Goran Rasovic, filed a complaint with the Commercial Court against the work of the bankruptcy trustee Sanja Lješković.

In the complaint he submitted to “Vijesti”, he claims that Lješković voluntarily and illegally changed the conditions for the sale of the company’s property and transferred the rights that belong to the “Mall group”, which were not the subject of the sale. ” The bankruptcy trustee did not want to talk to “Vijesti” about Rasovic’s claims.

Bankruptcy in the company “Mall group” has been going on since March 2016, and it was introduced at the request of NLB bank due to a non-repayable loan.

The High Court twice rejected Rašović’s indictments and suspicions of abuse of official position and causing damage to the bankruptcy debtor and creditors in the amount of not less than 1,500,000 euros by Lješković.
In his complaint, Rasovic pointed out that he was “surprised by the extent of the illegalities committed in the bankruptcy proceedings.”

The complaint states that Lješković published an advertisement for the sale of the entire property of the “Mall group” by public bidding, in which she stated that a contract of sale would be concluded with the most favorable bidder no later than 10 days from the day of selection of the most favorable bid. one offer was received from the bidder Ranko Zečević.

“The Decision on the selection of the most favorable bidder states that Zecevic undertakes to sign a contract of sale with the bankruptcy trustee no later than 10 days from the day the decision becomes final.” “Leskovic thus changes the condition of sale from the published advertisement ‘within 10 days from the decision’ and ‘within 10 days from the day the decision becomes final’, thus changing the publicly announced conditions of sale, which is illegal”, claimed Rasovic.

He also considers illegal her move to extend the deadlines for paying the purchase price to Zecevic, because it is contrary to the conditions from the advertisement on the sale of property, because they cannot be changed after the announcement and the selection of the most favorable offer.

Rasovic claims that Leskovic’s decision put the chosen buyer in a better position than other potential buyers who “could not know about these conditions”, and that this ultimately affected the number of potential buyers and the final price.