Nissan suspends production in the city of Kyushu

Illustration, Photo: Twitter / @ Nissan

Nissan will temporarily suspend car production in the city of Kyushu, in northwestern Japan, due to the corona virus.

According to the Nikei newspaper, Nissan will be the first company to suspend car production in Japan at a time when the epidemic is beginning to disrupt the global parts supply chain.

The company said it was becoming increasingly difficult to procure parts from China.

The suspension could affect the production of about three thousand cars, reports

During the financial year 2018, 434 thousand cars were produced in the factory in the city of Kyushu, and half of them were intended for the domestic market.

In South Korea, Hyundai, Kia and RSM, a subsidiary of Renault, have announced that they are temporarily closing factories due to a lack of parts from China.