NBA league on all m: tel platforms for the next six years

Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock

The games of the American basketball NBA league for the next six years will be broadcast on Arena sports channels, it was announced today from the company MTEL.

It is stated that the matches of the highest quality basketball league, viewers will be able to watch via m: tel television, whether they are users of cable mBOX, satellite mSAT, TV plus packages or MOVE platform which is available on all devices.

“All users of the m: box package will experience the matches of the highest quality basketball on the planet through more than 200 live broadcasts, between five and eight games a week, with special shows, exclusive guests and, of course, prize games,” the statement said.

MTEL explained that a special novelty is the 24-hour specialized NBA channel.

On it, as they said, users will enjoy an all-day program where they will be able to follow the best moments from the games, analyzes with a line-up of actions, schemes, combinations, stories about NBA players, interviews and the like.

“NBA Legue Pass, allows you to watch NBA games live, highlight clips (All star weekend, NBA Playoffs, NBA Finals), as well as additional information about NBA players and their results throughout the NBA season,” said MTEL.

According to them, the content has been enriched with archive recordings, reruns of recent seasons, interviews with players and documentaries.

The new NBA season starts on October 23 at two o’clock after midnight.