Mikijelj fired all assistant directors and heads of services: Cleaning completed, documentation combing

Mikijelj completed the purge of the management staff in just three days, after the government of Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic appointed him director of a company that has been managed for almost three decades, first by the SDP staff and then by the DPS.

Kadar NOVE: Mikijel, Photo: Vuk Lajović

The newly appointed director of “Morski dobr”, Mladen Mikijelj, fired all assistant directors and heads of services in that state-owned company, which has been accused for years of numerous embezzlements regarding the transfer of parts of the coast and registration of property to individuals.

Mikijelj finished the purge of the management staff in just three days, after the government of Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic appointed him director of the company which has been managed first by the SDP staff and then by the DPS for almost three decades since its founding.

It was confirmed to “Vijesti” that Mikijelj, a staff member of the New Serbian Democracy, thanked the assistant director Rajko Malović for his cooperation, for which the retirement procedure was initiated. Malović was the right hand of first the former director Rajko Barović, and then Predrag Jelušić, against whom the Special Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation within the “Mile” case.

Assistant director Dragoljub Markovic was also fired, and the heads of key services of the company were dismissed – services for arrangement and construction, control of the marine zone, management of ports of local importance and maritime affairs, as well as the head of the economic and financial service.

Mikijelj sent the entire cabinet of Jelusic on vacation, and after the new systematization comes into force, some will allegedly be reassigned to new jobs, and for others, contracts on the agreed termination of employment will be prepared.

After the government relieved him of his duties as director, Jelusic, still the current leader of the Budva DPS, will receive his salary for another year.

According to “Vijesti”, the priority for Mikijelj will be to form a new team, which would first do the systematization, and then it would allegedly be followed by a detailed combing of documentation – from concluded contracts to the way of spending money and benefits that individuals had for years in addition to astronomical earnings.

The systematization will allegedly reduce the number of workers in one of the most profitable public companies, and then the number of services.

The drafting of a new collective agreement of the company, whose annual budget is higher than the coffers of some municipalities, is also being prepared.

The former secretary for investments in the Municipality of Budva and long-term deputy director of the bank, allegedly foresaw the formation of a Commission for reviewing all long-term investment and lease agreements for beaches held by the same people for years.

“Vijesti” was told that the contracts regarding the transfer of the port of Budva, as well as the contracts with “Pomorski promet”, businessmen Dejan and Dusko Ban, regarding the ferry transport, will be combed.

Mikijelj allegedly ordered that the keys to all official cars be brought to his office and that any use must be justified.

He thus allegedly implemented the regulation that exists in the company, which has been abused by individuals for years, driving official vehicles outside working hours – for private purposes.

A request was also sent to the Government to return the financial plan that the previous management had prepared and sent for verification, in order to be finalized with significant changes.
“Morsko dobro” has allegedly not announced a single tender since the parliamentary elections in which the DPS lost power, although there is money in the account for the realization of numerous investment activities.

It is expected that it should soon announce tenders for parts of the coast that have not been leased and make preparations for the season.

They reduce salaries by 20 percent

“Morsko dobro” has been valid for years for a company in which only party staff is employed, and it is also recognized for its high salaries.

The salary of former director Predrag Jelusic, as stated in the property card, was 2,852 euros, and the president of the Board of Directors, Dzevdet Cakuli, was 3,604 euros.

Assistant directors and numerous employees earned, with various fees, more than 2,000 euros

With the new collective agreement, salaries will allegedly be reduced by 20%, and compensations will be abolished.