Local problems in the shadow of state

“Although even before the start of the campaign, an overture was made to fight for the region in Niksic, the parties tried to present local problems and proposed solutions,” says Dragisa Janjusevic.

Nikšić, Photo: Skupstina.me

Local topics for the March 14 elections in Niksic have been overshadowed by state policy debates that have been forced since they were called. However, citizens had the opportunity to hear offers to solve local problems – from unemployment to clean watercourses.

From the beginning, political actors, and then a part of the domestic and media, mostly from Serbia, imposed the topic of fighting the battle for Montenegro in Nikšić. In the breaks between those topics, the participants in the elections managed to impose local ones, present the election program and offer solutions to numerous problems in the city under Trebjes.

“Although before the start of the election campaign, an overture was made that the battle for the region was being fought in Niksic, so local topics were denied in advance, it could be said, the parties tried, despite all that, to present local topics, “political analyst Dragisa Janjusevic told Vijesti.
According to him, those topics had their visibility and a chance to reach the citizens, depending on how the list did it.

“I think that we managed to see certain proposals for solutions to some burning issues that oppress citizens, and that political parties managed to nominate some topics that are of local importance,” said Janjušević.

Thus, the people of Nikšić had the opportunity to hear how, at least according to the election promises, the problem of unemployment will be solved, the village improved, the city digitalized, the road infrastructure improved, the cultural and natural potentials of the city valorized, but also the problem of waste, illegal landfill Mislov do riješ There was also talk of small and medium-sized enterprises, clean watercourses, new cultural, sports and tourist facilities, new or old spring in the town under Trebjes, depending on whose point of view it is.

Unfortunately, one gets the impression that local topics, which the truth about the will should only be of interest to the citizens of Niksic at this moment, have been “overheard” by many because the topics in which blood counts were counted were louder, “defending” national identity. Even if we add to that the tensions and incidents that have been talked about for days.

On Sunday, 58,833 voters will have a chance to vote for one of the six electoral lists, which is 393 more than in the parliamentary elections held on August 30 last year.

Six electoral lists will take part in the elections in Niksic, four of which are coalitions, and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the People’s Movement are running independently. Number one is the coalition “European Team for Niksic”, which consists of the DPS, SD, the Liberal Party and the Patriotic-Komitas Alliance, and is led by Sanja Damjanovic.

“People’s Movement – For the Resurrection of Niksic” by Miodrag Daka Davidovic is number two, and “SDP – With a Heart for Niksic”, whose leader is Zeljko Nikolic, is number three.

The coalition “For the future of Nikšić – Nikšić decides”, whose leader is Marko Kovačević, is number four. That list consists of the DF, the SNP, the Movement “For the Life of Niksic”, the Workers’ Party, the United Montenegro, the Yugoslav Communist Party of Montenegro (JKPCG), the Serbian Radical Party, the Movement of Pensioners and Disabled Workers and the Socialists of Montenegro.

The coalition of the Civic Movement URA and non-partisan personalities “Black on White – Can Niksic”, led by Tatjana Djurisic Becanovic, is fifth on the combined ballot, while number six on the coalition “Peace is our nation – We will not give Niksic”, whose leader Momo Koprivica. That coalition consists of the Democrats, Demos, the Movement “Let’s not give Niksic”, the Party of pensioners, the disabled and restitution and “Plenum 083”.

The MEC does not know how many citizens will have to vote by letter because they are in isolation or in treatment

The President of the Municipal Election Commission, Rade Perišić, said that they did not have information on how many citizens of Nikšić were in treatment or self-isolation due to kovida-19, but that all of them would be able to vote by letter and thus exercise the constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.

The Ministry of Health announced that all citizens who are registered and staying in other places will be able to travel on the basis of the notification of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on holding local elections, which informs the voter about the polling station where he exercises his right to vote.

“Also, the Ministry of Health will issue a special order on taking measures to suppress and prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus, during the conduct of elections, as well as the exercise of the right to vote,” the statement said.

CDT: Reported suspicions that municipal premises are being used as party premises

In Niksic, as countless times so far, it can be seen that state and municipal officials do not differentiate between party and public duties, ie that they continue to conduct official campaigns during working hours, the CDT, which monitors the elections, warned yesterday. They remind that this is prohibited by law for civil servants and public officials, with the exception of MPs and councilors.

“However, sanctions for such behavior are again lacking,” the CDT said. They announced that they had repeatedly received reports of suspicions from citizens that state property was being misused in Nikšić for election purposes, that municipal premises were being used as party premises, and that official vehicles were being used in the campaign. Everything was reported to the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption. The DPS and SD exercise power in Niksic.

The CDT is conducting a “Vote for Free” campaign to promote, they recall, the inalienable right to free political choice.