Ivanovic: I filed a lawsuit against Stijovic

“Here is an opportunity to see how much a lie costs in Montenegro,” Ivanovic wrote on Twitter

Petar Ivanovic, Photo: Filip Roganovic

Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) MP Petar Ivanović announced that he had filed a lawsuit against the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Aleksandar Stijović.

He did not announce on Twitter that his family members will file lawsuits next week.

“Here is an opportunity to see how much a lie costs in Montenegro,” Ivanovic wrote.

As a guest on the show Načisto on Vijesti Television, Stijović said that in September 2013, on the same day, Ivanović visited seven countries and one unknown location and took a daily allowance in the amount of 5,500 euros.

Stijović then said that on September 23, 2013, he went to Novi Sad, France, an unknown location, Ukraine, Croatia, Great Britain, Spain and Germany.

“He takes a daily wage of 398 euros for Novi Sad, 2,066 euros for France, 144 euros for an unknown location, 134 euros for Ukraine, 1,274 euros for Great Britain, 930 euros for Spain and 578 euros for Germany,” Stijovic said.

Stijović also said that the winery, whose owner is Petar Ivanović’s mother, was given a loan in the amount of around 2.5 million euros through projects.

“We have a minister who is in charge, who gives his mother, who is 80 years old, and it occurred to her to be engaged in wine production, millions,” said Stijović.

Responding to Stijovic at the time, Ivanovic said that he “should deal with what is his job, and not deal with rummaging through drawers.”

He also stated that everything Stijović said was a “notorious lie”.