IRREGULARITIES: Attempts at violent voting, minor quarrels and tensions

Local elections were held in Niksic today, in which six electoral lists participated, of which four coalitions and two parties

From the polls, Photo: Svetlana Mandić

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CeMI, following the election day at 88 polling stations, determined that in 25 percent of cases, there was a crowd in front of the polling station.


At polling station number 46, members of the polling board, contrary to Article 71a of the Law on the Election of Councilors and Deputies, use mobile phones – CeMI announced.


CeMI, observing the elections at 88 polling stations, determined that in 26% of cases, someone keeps records of the names of voters who voted.


At polling station 33 – Rubeža – as reported by CeMI, the voter took a picture of the ballot by phone.

“Such a ballot was declared invalid by the polling board,” CeMI stated.


The Niksic Committee of the Social Democrats announced that the members of the coalition For the Future of Niksic, led by the list holder Marko Kovacevic, went to polling station number 118 in Dragova Luka, and that their supporters outside the polling station, as they claim, physically attacked a member of the UT polling board (18) and that they removed his mask from his face.

They also state that IS, a member of the polling board from the same polling station, was intercepted, and that her ballot box was stolen by letter.


At polling station 22, as reported by CeMI, members of the polling station committee use mobile phones at the polling station, which is contrary to Article 71a of the Law on the Election of Councilors and Deputies.


CeMI announced on Twitter that there was an argument between the group of citizens and the members of the polling station at polling station number 54 – Šipačno Elementary School, and that the incident was reported to the police.

The original announcement said that there was a conflict, and that information was soon removed.

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CEMI reports that in the immediate vicinity of polling station 96 – Staro selo, Župa – there was tension between an unidentified group of people and activists of the People’s Movement.

“The members of the polling board have normalized the situation,” CEMI reports.


CEMI reported that based on data collected from 78 polling stations, only 32 percent had physical barriers to accessing the polling station for people with disabilities.


CeMI reports that at polling station 73 in Vilusi, voters do not adhere to the measure of keeping distance.

At polling station number 100 – a member of the polling board loudly pronounces the name and surname of the voter, they added.


The holder of the list “For the future of Niksic”, Marko Kovacevic, said that there was a problem at the polling station 118 Dragova Luka when the Polling Board did not allow the representatives of the opposition to bring the ballot box together by letter. Read more HERE.

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CeMI reports that the members of the polling board at the polling station number 36 loudly say the names and surnames of the voters.

At polling station 63 – Vraćenovići – Observers of the coalition “For the future of Nikšić” call to vote for number 4, they added from that NGO.


CeMI announced that there were tensions at the polling station in Stari Selo in Župa.

“A person who was not registered at this polling station came in and addressed the president of the polling station with the words ‘I just came to see you for the last time,’” the NGO said in a statement.


Cemi’s observers reported that order was disturbed at polling station 118.

“After the BO members took the ballot box by letter and put it in the car to go to the people who should vote, it was confiscated and put in the car by the representatives of the coalition ‘For the Future of Montenegro’, in the presence of the list holder. representatives of the coalition. “A large presence of unidentified persons who belonged to different groups was registered at the polling station, and there was almost a conflict between them,” it was announced on Twitter.

Voting at that polling station was suspended due to the above-mentioned events. Police arrived at the scene.

“According to our observers, the police did not intervene, but mediated between 2 opposing groups of unidentified persons. After the mediation of the police representatives, the ballot box was returned to the members of the BO. The situation is normalized and the polling station is open. “After this incident, the presence of uniformed police on the streets of Niksic has increased,” Cemi added.

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CeMI reports that members of the polling station at polling station number 35, contrary to Article 71a of the Law on Election of Councilors and Deputies, use mobile phones and, contrary to Article 15 of the Law on Restricting the Use of Tobacco Products, smoke in public and work spaces.

14: 55h

The CEMI observer should say the name and surname of the voter at the polling station 44 – Poljica – the chairman of the polling station committee.

14:40 p.m.

At polling station 100 – Elektroprivreda – a member of the polling board loudly pronounces the name and surname of the voter, reports CEMI.


CEMI observers report that no BM 132 is registered between 10 and 15 people dressed in T-shirts with the national symbols of Serbia. CEMI stated that according to the information currently available to those persons, they are not from Nikšić.

“These people wanted to vote by letter. After a member of the polling board told them that they had no right to vote in Niksic, they attacked her. The police intervened. The polling station is open and the representatives of the MEC have been invited “, stated the CEMI


The Municipal Board of the Democratic Party of Socialists in Niksic announced that in the Niksic settlement of Dragova Luka, there was a violent intrusion into polling station No. 118 by Marko Kovacevic, that voting material was stolen, one person was beaten, and the polling board was prevented from going to the field. More HERE >>>


On BM 130 – KONI 2, one request for voting by letter was not accepted because the control coupon was lost due to a mistake of the board, reports CEMI.

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