In Mojkovac, only one company would lease the land

The land could be leased for ten years, with an extension of the contract for another

Business zone, Photo: Municipality of Mojkovac

Only one company, the local company “Agrogora organic fruits”, responded to the public invitation of the Municipality of Mojkovac to lease the land provided for the business zone “Babića Polje”.

There were no other bidders, as announced by the Bid Evaluation Commission.

The municipality offered about 11,000 square meters, ie four plots, in a public space, in the space provided for the business zone.

The land could be leased for ten years, with an extension of the contract for another.

Numerous reliefs were provided for interested investors. Thus, the price of the annual lease of a square meter for those who intend to start a production activity and employ 3 to 20 workers would be 5 cents. This refers to plots with an area of ​​1,500 to 8,000 m2, with the obligation of the investor to build on them plots of 20 to 30 percent of the plot area.

Similar conditions are for investors who intend to engage in wholesale trade in the business zone.

Additional reliefs are the exemption from paying the fee for communal equipment of land for investors who employ more than 10 workers, and the reduction of that duty by 85 percent for those who provide the opening of 6 to 10 jobs. Only 30 percent of the fee will be paid by investors who employ 3 to 5 workers.

Investors engaged in the production, finishing, packaging and processing of agricultural products will be exempt from paying real estate tax for the entire duration of the lease.