(Failed) public call for neutering dogs

The capital, out of the planned 66, received 27 applications for subsidies, they say they are satisfied, but also that they expect greater interest in the next competition

10,000 euros allocated for sterilization of owner dogs, Photo: Pixabay

The public call of the Capital for support in the costs of sterilization of owner dogs received 27 applications. Although, according to the invitation, it was planned to support almost three times more, in the Capital they say that they are satisfied and that they hope that the number of interested people will be higher in the next cycle.

The capital announced a public call in February. The goal of the call, as they announced at the time, is to control the population of pets and reduce the number of homeless dogs.

According to the text of the public call, it was planned to award subsidies to at least 66 citizens who are the first to apply with complete documentation. Owners who have permanent residence in Podgorica have the right to receive the subsidy, while the dog must be older than eight months, chipped in the name of the owner and vaccinated against rabies and infectious diseases in the last year.

“27 applications have been received. As this is the first public call, we can state that we are satisfied with the interest, but we hope that in the coming cycles a larger number of owners will be interested in this type of support, “they told” Vijesti “from the PG bureau.

They add that the list of those who will be selected will be published soon, and the winners will then be able to sign the contract on the allocation of funds.

Those who meet the conditions, as provided by the public invitation, will receive funds in the amount of 50 percent of the total price of sterilization, up to a maximum of 75 euros.

The capital previously announced that the budget provided 10,000 euros for subsidies for sterilization of owner dogs. Through the first public call, it was planned to allocate half of those funds. As those funds were not spent, as they said, the remaining amount will be redirected for the next call. Such an invitation, as previously announced, should be organized in the second half of the year.