DPS Podgorica: Bratic decided in vain to support the erection of a monument to Jelena Petrovic Savoy

“This move by Minister Bratic has strengthened our conviction that not even hundreds of similar staffing solutions can undo Montenegro’s millennium.”

Photo: DPS

The board of the Democratic Party of Socialists of the Capital announced that the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports is Vesna Bratic. “in vain decided to support the erection of a monument to the Montenegrin princess and Italian queen Jelena Petrović Savoja “.

“We remind the public that the reason for withdrawing the material from the agenda of the Capital City Assembly, which referred to the erection of the monument, was precisely that the ministry managed by Bratic did not send consent for that act, which is an unavoidable step in respecting the legal procedure.” This not only directly obstructed the work of the local parliament, but also directly affected the Montenegrin national identity “, it is stated in the announcement of the DPS Board of the Capital.

They add that their councilors “were not silent”, but that they called this attitude of the relevant ministry and the Government towards Podgorica and Montenegrin culture “by the real name at the session of the Assembly”.

“Minister Bratic quickly figured out how to” wait “for us, but also tried to repair the political damage she caused by” work “. She decided to support the initiative to erect the memorial. This move by Minister Bratić strengthened our conviction that not even hundreds of similar personnel decisions can annul the millennium duration of Montenegro. However, it is necessary for Montenegrin men and women to bravely represent their national interests. The proof for this claim is the statement of Minister Bratic, who also revealed her phobia of the results of the Niksic local elections. We are telling the Montenegrin public that the DPS and the citizens of Niksic will help to realize the suspicions of Minister Bratic and her party comrades, who were definitely late in trying to preserve power by resorting to methods of less resistance, “the DPS Capital Committee said in a statement.