Click to pray: Vatican presents “eBrojanica”

Electronic rosary, Photo:

The Catholic Church presented “eBrojanica”, the latest technological device for believers.

It is a $ 109 gadget that can be worn as a bracelet, and which is activated when you make a cross with your hand. The modern rosary was called with the application “Click to pray”, made so that believers could more easily pray for peace in the world.

The app tracks how the user is progressing, and contains visual and audio explanations of how the rosary is used.

Traditional rosaries are used to aid in prayer – believers count the knots as they recite the prayer.

The electronic rosary consists of 10 black knots, made of agate or hematite, with a metal cross that detects movements.

“This project combines the best of the church’s spiritual tradition and the technological world,” it is stated in the announcement “Click to pray”.

The gadget was developed by Taiwanese company GadgTek Inc.

By the way, the rosary is waterproof, and it is possible to use it on both Android and iOS operating systems.

However, this is not the first time that the Catholic Church is trying to attract young people with technology.

The Christian version of the very successful “Pokemon Go” application was launched in 2018, called “Follow THEM GO!” (“Follow JC Go!”).

Players captured saints and Bible characters instead of Pokemon.