Boka and Kotor on the list of “Virgin Voyage”

From the summer of 2022, the well-known cruising company will organize cruises to Montenegro

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The newly formed cruising company “Virgin Voyage”, backed by the famous British businessman and entrepreneur Richard Branson, will regularly bring its newest, third cruiser that is still being built, to Montenegro from the summer of next year.

The company said that it was a ship symbolically named “Resilient Lady” with the intention of showing that the world cruise industry will fight the pavidemia that hit hard, blocking most of the world’s cruise fleet in various ports and making chaos in the economic balance sheets of the world’s largest shipping companies, but also huge minuses in destinations around the world that cruisers visited intensively until last year.

One of such destinations is Kotor, which last year, before the corona crisis, had the announced arrival of as many as 560 cruisers, but before Montenegro introduced a lock in mid-March for the arrival of passenger ships on tourist cruises in its ports, only nine sailed into Kotor and smaller ships.
How things will go in the upcoming season is not yet clear, although the industry is slowly recovering and a growing number of cruise companies are announcing the re-departure of their ships, with special epidemiological and organizational measures when arriving at certain destinations.

However, the announcements for 2022 are much more optimistic, and the confirmation that the new cruising company “Virgin Voyage” and its newest ship will regularly visit Kotor and Boka from the summer of next year, is one of the proofs that cruising in our country will quickly resume in full measure.

The cruiser “Resilient Lady” is the third in a series of four new cruisers – twins that were ordered before the outbreak of the pandemic in the Italian shipyard Fincantieri in Genoa. “Resilient Lady” has 110,000 gross tons, is 278 meters long and 38 meters wide, and can accommodate 2,770 passengers and 1,100 crew members. This ship is worth about 700 million dollars and, like its three twin sisters, is being built according to a very innovative project which, among other things, includes the use of a number of advanced technological solutions that reduce the harmful effects of the ship on the environment. catalyst and so-called. exhaust scrubber, through energy recycling through the use of heat from exhaust gases to produce electricity, ”the company explained.

The Resilient Lady, which will hit the market in July 2022, will have a home port in Piraeus, Greece, offering passengers two types of seven-day cruises – one that includes the Greek islands of the Aegean and Ionian Seas, and another that includes some Greek islands such as Corfu and Argostoli. , includes a cruise on the Adriatic with visits to Dubrovnik and Kotor.

Virgin Voyage is a company that introduced a novelty to the concept of the cruise industry, so its cruisers are intended only for adult passengers without children, and are focused on good fun, healthy lifestyles and a rich hospitality experience that provide passengers .