Bojanic: The government will allocate money for Montenegro Airlines workers

“The Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare, unfortunately, instead of dealing with the development of the airline, deals with the social welfare of MA employees.”

Bojanic, Photo: Government of Montenegro

The government will set aside money for Montenegro Airlines (MA) workers and is looking for space to pay part of the funds directly to employees through social benefits, said the Minister of Capital Investments, Mladen Bojanic.

“We have made an agreement. The Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare, unfortunately, instead of dealing with the development of the airline, deals with the social welfare of MA employees. “Some money will be set aside for them,” Bojanic stated.

He said that there is a legal problem there, because they are under the ban of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption to give any money to MA.

“That was the main reason why we have not reacted so far. Therefore, we are looking for space to pay part of the money directly to the employees through social benefits and, as much as possible, to improve their material status, “said Bojanic.

He reiterated that the Government is aware of the situation in MA, which is very bad.

“That is clear and we are not running away to get involved as much as we can,” Bojanic added.

He confirmed that the Assembly of Shareholders of Elektroprivreda (EPCG), which is scheduled for Tuesday, will propose seven candidates for members of the Board of Directors, including five electrical engineers and one mechanical and construction engineer each.

“The Ministry of Capital Investments has authorized the State Secretary in the Ministry, Marko Perunović, to propose these seven candidates on behalf of the state. They will definitely be elected, because the state has some 99 percent ownership rights, “Bojanic stated.

Candidates for members of the Board of Directors are electrical engineers Milutin Đukanović, Rajko Radusinović, Marko Živković, Sasa Miličić and Martin Ćalasan, mechanical engineer Aleksandar Dožić and civil engineer Veljko Vasiljević.

Commenting on the announcements of the company Tara Resources about the launch of the new Brskovo mine in Mojkovac, Bojanic said that the line ministers held a meeting with the representatives of that company, who presented them with a large number of ideas.

“We left them to do another more detailed presentation with 3D animations, and taking good care not to endanger human health or the environment in that area,” said Bojanic.

He said that they are aware that people from that area are rightly afraid given what they have experienced from the old mine and tailings, but that it is a reputable company that is ready to meet all environmental standards.

“We will not make a decision until we are fully convinced that there will be no environmental damage and that it will bring great benefits to employees. I hope that this Government will make a decision, because I think that this mine has a perspective, “Bojanic added.

He explained that a new tailings pond will be built and that it is a completely new way of ore exploitation.

“Everything will be open to the public to see what is planned to be done there,” Bojanic said.

Perunovic said that the project initiated by the company Tara Resources is of great importance for Mojkovac and the north of Montenegro.

“It is about the concession fee of about 3.5 million euros during the year, about the profit tax and about 450 to 700 employees. The project was done in accordance with all environmental standards. The company is completely on the side of environmental protection, “said Perunović.

He said he would give people all the inputs to see what their opinion was.

“We want to do everything transparently and to present to the public, especially to Mojkovac and the north, all the benefits of this project, in accordance with all environmental and spatial planning standards,” said Perunović.

Bojanic added that the Government is committed to environmental protection and will do everything to ensure that any project that must be opened is done according to all world standards of environmental protection.

“We are convinced that serious projects can be developed in Montenegro while preserving the ecology. The Ministry is ready to give the green light for projects that will make Montenegro diversify its economy, “Bojanic concluded.