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The black rat snake is a non-venomous snake with a long, black body and white belly. It can be found throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed, from the. B - If the body is black to olive, usually with a series of crossbands and venter (​belly) bordered along each side with black the snake is a.

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Others have dark or light markings organized into stripes, spots, blotches or some extending across the back and down the sides, but do not cross the belly.
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The southern black racer (Coluber constrictor priapus) is one of the more common subspecies Adults of the species are usually thin with a jet black dorsal side with a grey belly and white chin. They are quite The southern black racer has a white chin, whereas an indigo snake normally has a dark to reddish-​orange chin.
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The black rat snack is a perfectly harmless snake that you may Most venomous snakes have a single row of scales on the underside of the.
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In areas where Blue-bellied Black Snakes are found they are often confused with the a shiny bluish- or brownish-black, with a dark bluish-grey or black belly.
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The eastern brown snake varies widely in colour from light tan to almost black. The belly ranges from cream to orange with darker orange.

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