Bezos revealed what was crucial to the rise of the Amazon

Bezos, Photo: AP

In just over 20 years, Amazon has gone from an ordinary online bookstore to an internet giant.

The value of the company at one point exceeded a billion dollars, and its founder Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world.

There are many reasons for the rise of Bezos and Amazon, but according to the founders, one thing was crucial.

The smartest thing in the history of Amazon is actually a change in the way meetings are held, writes “CNBC”. Until that decision, classic PowerPoint presentations were used in the meetings. The directors who were present at the meetings were constantly in a hurry to show the slides, because they were too busy and just wanted to do the slides as quickly as possible, reports Blic.

As a result, Bezos and the team have completely dropped the presentations and now specially prepared documents with important topics for the upcoming working day are used in their meetings.

As part of the new method, the first half hour of the meeting is spent in – silence. All participants read these documents and take notes of the most important things, and when they read them, they discuss the content of the document.

However, Bezos is not the only CEO to support “silent meetings”. A similar method is used by the founder of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey.

His meetings begin with a ten-minute silence during which all employees read the plans in Google documents, and write their comments immediately in the system, reports Tanjug.

This way of holding meetings, according to Dorsey, allows all meeting participants to be “on the same page”, employees can work from different locations and “think critically faster”.