Apple pay arrives in Montenegro by the end of the year: Here’s how it works

Apple Pay has nothing to do with the bank, Photo: Shutterstock

After being released in 13 countries this summer, the contactless payment system Apple pay will become available in Montenegro by the end of the year, and the first transaction will take place in December, the Investor portal has learned.

This will allow bank customers to pay with Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iWatch…) without the use of cash or payment cards. It is a modern and secure system that is from the countries of the region, currently available only in Slovenia and Croatia.

Clients will be informed about the manner and detailed conditions of using this service, but from the functioning of the service in the neighborhood we already know how it works.

What is Apple Pay

The Apple Pay service is not a product of the bank whose cards you are using, but Apple’s iOS platform. The service works on the principle of NFC technology for contactless payments, which is built into all Apple devices of the newer generation (last 4-5 years). Specifically, you can use Apple Pay on a mobile device with iOS operating system minimum version 8.1 or later.

This series includes the following devices: iPhone 6, iPad mini 3, iPad Pro, Apple Watch 1 and all newer models of phones, tablets and watches (iWatch). Through Apple Watch, Apple Pay can also be used with iPhone 5 and 5c mobile devices.

How it works

On devices that support NFC technology, Apple Pay is activated through the Apple Wallet app, which is pre-installed in the iOS operating system, which means that the user does not have to download additional software. This makes the whole Apple pay story even more secure.

In the settings of the mobile device, the client must specify the method of unlocking the screen: password, pattern, fingerprint or face scan. If the security check for unlocking the mobile device is not set, Apple Pay cannot be activated.

The data from the card you want to pay for is entered into the phone, through the Apple Wallet application, and once you enter it, you will not physically need the card for actions in which payment via Apple Pay is enabled.

Payment is simple and fast: After the seller enters the amount in the cash register, place your mobile phone next to the POS device at the cash desk of the point of sale that accepts contactless payment. You do the authorization by unlocking the mobile device (by entering a password, pattern, fingerprint or face scan) and hold the mobile device next to the POS until you receive a message that the transaction was successfully completed.