Alarming situation in Ulcinj Utility Company: Debtors do not pay, workers threaten to strike

The bills are not paid by the Public Company for the Management of Marine Assets, nor by the competent municipal secretariat

One of the buildings of Komunalni in Ulcinj, Photo: Vijesti

Utilities in Ulcinj are struggling with financial problems, the volume of work due to the coronavirus epidemic has been reduced to a minimum, and the company could soon face a strike by Čistoća workers, Vijesti has learned.

According to the same information, the leaders of the Communal Services informed the authorities recently that the situation in the company is alarming.

“The epidemic has entered all sectors, especially the Purity sector. We have a shortage of people, but that is not the end of our problems, because part of the workers of Čistoća are announcing the termination of work “, wrote the director Skender Kalezić, addressing the municipal protection and rescue team.

Komunalno also recently informed the citizens that waste collection, from March 8 to 22, will be done in one shift, from 9 am to 3 pm. It is stated that citizens can dispose of waste in the period from 5 to 9 o’clock every day.

“The work of the administration will be reduced to a minimum of the needs of the work process, while the work with the parties will be completely interrupted, for two weeks. The entrance will be opened from the side of DOO Vodovod i kanalizacija exclusively in the part of the counter for the payment of the bill for transportation, from 8 am to 3 pm “, the company announced at the time.

Kalezic complained that the PE for the management of the marine property and the competent municipal secretariat were late with the payment of the bill.

“The maritime good is returning the maintenance bills to us because they allegedly do not have the Plan adopted by the Government,” Kalezic wrote in correspondence.

In order to maintain cleanliness in the hinterland of Velika plaža, as “Vijesti” finds out, Morsko dobro, according to the contract, has the obligation to pay about 250 thousand euros annually to the Utilities.

Kalezic also stated that the relevant municipal secretariat has been returning his bills for two years.

“Despite all the requests and letters, which we have to publish in the coming days because the water has reached the floor,” Kalezic wrote.

He also mentioned the disagreement of the financial card for more than 1.2 million euros, which, as he stated, is the result of “that you never wanted to sit down, even though you received warnings and letters, you remained deaf to our letters.”

“We do not have the possibility of financing for all these reasons. We will soon initiate a procedure based on the decision of the governing body that, if we do not agree on a debt of more than two million euros, we will initiate all means of collection, “said Kalezic, among other things.

The company recently took out a loan of 200 thousand euros for repairing the consequences of the coronovirus epidemic, for which it received the consent of the Mayor Ljora Nrekić.

In the balance sheet of Utilities, as of December 31, 2019, it is stated that short-term provisions and short-term liabilities amounted to EUR 4.8 million, while in the income statement for the same year, there is a figure of EUR 738 thousand.

Gorana: We get incomplete invoices

The Secretary of Communal Activities, Mustafa Goran, pointed out the lack of invoices for Communal Activities that arrive in that department.

“I emphasize that all submitted invoices were written on the same day, September 22, 2020. There are 60 such invoices without a description of activities in the total amount of 620 thousand euros, which is not in line with the budget for 2020 “, it is stated in the letter to Gorana Kalezić in October last year.

Gorana reminded that every invoice that goes for payment, must have a record of performed activities and materials and that they must be supplemented.