AI: Google and Facebook are abusing human rights

Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock

Amnesty International says in its latest report that Google and Facebook should be forced to abandon what they say are “surveillance-based business models” because they are based on the abuse of human rights. rights.

A 60-page report by the London-based organization said the business model of these “surveillance giants” was not substantially in line with the right to privacy and threatened other rights, including freedom of expression, equality and non-discrimination.

Amnesty International also estimates that the practice of companies to collect personal data in order to supply advertising companies is an “unprecedented attack on the right to privacy.”

The organization also states that companies are forcing people to make a “Faustian settlement” and share data so that they can access the services of “Google” and “Facebook”.

In a written response, Facebook challenged the report’s findings that it was monitoring its users and endangering their privacy.

Google also disputed the findings of the report, reports AP.